10 Ways You can Use Lemon to Improve your Skin

Lemon is known for adding a saline and citrusy taste and smell to your food making it infinitely more delicious and tasty looking. But that’s not all that a lemon does, it is known to be of great use in improving your looks too. Lemon has acidic properties which are helpful in improving your skin in more than one ways.


Here are some ways in which using a lemon every day can help in improving your skin giving you a fresh, healthy looking skin in no time.

Removes Excess Oil

Due to its astringent properties, lemon is known to remove excess oil providing you with an oil-free and shine-free skin after every use which greatly helps in improving your skin’s appearance.

All you have to do it use a cotton ball and dab a little lemon juice on it and clean your face with. If you have a sensitive skin, you can add a few essential oils and then use the mixture to eliminate the extra oil without causing any dryness.


Lemon juice acts as an excellent exfoliator for your skin as it helps in removing the dead skin cells by exfoliating your lips, arms, knees, etc. leaving behind a refreshed looking skin. Just take a mild mixture of lemon juice and apply it to your skin once in a week to remove the dead cells and you will notice a young looking skin in some time.

Removes Black Spots and stretch marks

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and citric acid which is known to be helpful in lightening and brightening of skin and is found extremely useful in reducing the dark spots on the skin. So you can use lemon juice with some almond oil on your scarred area and you will notice that the marks have faded after a short period of time.

Acts as an Anti-Aging solution

Lemon is known as the best anti-aging solution as it has antioxidant properties which helps in keeping your skin tight and wrinkle-free while providing it with adequate hydration providing you with a young, healthy looking skin in no time.

Acts as a skin toner

Lemon juice acts as an effective toner since it can lighten and even out your skin tone with considerable ease. It can lighten age spots caused due to the sun damage, all you have to do it apply it to the spot and rinse it after 10-15 minutes. You will find that you don’t have to worry about sun damage anymore.

Removes blackheads

As lemon have antibacterial properties, they are good at treating and preventing not only acnes but blackheads too. Blackheads are caused due to excess of oil and squeezing them will only make it work. Just dab a little lemon juice on your blackheads every night and you will notice them fade away in a few days.

Acts as a skin protector

It has been noticed that since lemon contains Vitamin C, it is found to be useful in creating a protective barrier on your skin which prevents the UV rays from causing any damage to your skin. Just use lemon as a moisturizer and in conjunction with a sunscreen and notice how your skin is not affected by the sun’s rays anymore.

Remove dark stains from armpits

Do you have dark underarms which stop you from wearing all those without sleeves dresses you love? You don’t have to hide your underarms anymore, just dab a little lemon juice on it every day and you will see that your skin visibly lightens allowing you to wear those sleeveless clothes again!

Remove warts

Lemon has acidic nature which helps in removing warts leaving you with a clearer and healthy looking skin. There are many lemon homemade recipes for wart removal which you can use and see the effect for yourself.

Use as a moisturizer

It can act as a great moisturizer, all you have to do it add a few drops of coconut oil and you are ready to go. Using it as a moisturizer every day will not only brighten your skin, it will also keep your skin hydrated and safe from the UV rays.

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White Color Wedding Gown

When girls think of her wedding , they must dream about white wedding theme, the bride  herself would be all dressed up in white, white bridal gown (You’ll need a good waist trainer to go with it, read Omorfio’s Guide on the best waist trainers), white veil, even a pair of white shoes . Maybe you desired to got white flower and white decorations .

White is considered as pure and sacred and it is the most popular color for wedding .


White Wedding Shoes

Choosing white wedding shoes is a easier task, it can be very simple and trendy. It come in so many varieties and styles that you can choose from, these shoes include closed toes, open toes, ankle straps and so on.



White Wedding Dress

There are some simple yet elegant white wedding dresses that you would be needing to decorate yourself on your special day. You can add crystal, ribbon and lace on your wedding dress if you want something that is unique and fashionable.


You could find white color wedding dress in all kind of department stores and wedding dress shops, if you want to wear a unique and special wedding dress ,you could also ask a dress designer to custom made a dress for you , all the ideas is up to you .

Of course , you could also find it online ,that will give you surprise ,not only on the price ,but also on style , maybe you will find more fashionable wedding gowns, than you would have find in store ,so just try it !

2016 Perfect And Dreamlike Mermaid Style Bridal Gowns

For a new couple, marriage ceremony is an extremely critical in their life. They fight to make it memorable for the whole existence. For this reason they critically choose each and every post relate to this marriage ceremony. Needless to say, wedding dresses is essential during the complete ceremony. Today, individuals have a lot of choices with regards to buying wedding dresses 2016.

For brides who will be searching for stylish gowns that may make their wedding ceremonies sparkle, mermaid fashion wedding dress are a great selection that will be of great aid to make oneself charming and stunning inside your massive day.




The right wedding ceremony dress is likely to make you magnificent. Just like you can see, there are a lot of ways supplied so that you can get different wedding dresses. It is possible to certainly obtain the best suited one and make your marriage ceremony day magnificent and perfect.If you’re a bride who desire to wear a stunning dresses that can make your special day memorable, then there is no explanation not to give the mermaid wedding dresses fashion a attempt. In any case, want you an ideal wedding day.




You’ll be able to decide on the marriage gown as for every your wedding put no matter whether it is a beachfront wedding, lawn wedding, or church marriage ceremony. These cheap mermaid style wedding dresses can be found in distinct styles and designs. There are many fabulous styles of marriage ceremony dresses readily available for these little fairytale dresses at cheap prices. You’ll be able to get these dresses with distinction towards the dress in the bride, which can be a pattern adopted by people because ages.

For a glamorous look it is possible to also go for a sexy very low cut or possibly a halter fashion robe or perhaps a strapless dress would provide you with a dashing appear

Find A High Quality And Glorious Bridesmaid Dress

There is a saying that the bridesmaid should not draw more attention to the public than the brides at the wedding ceremonies. However, that does not mean the bridesmaid can only dress like a passer-by.

Actually, the beauty of the bridesmaid can slaoshow the nice taste of the brides, so, today we will introduce some gorgeous piece of allure bridesmaid dresses.

The truth is that the brides will feel a little dangerous with these pieces of bridesmaid dresses because they are really very gorgeous and attractive.




Are you interested in this piece of bridesmaid dress when you see it at the first time? The beautiful design of this bridesmaid dress increases the essence of the bridesmaid’s beauty.

A beautiful hat can also be used in the same style as the dress, this piece of A-line bridesmaid dress is very exquisite. At the same time, the short bridesmaid dress can also show the beautiful legs line of the bridesmaid.




If you have any questions or you are unable to find a proper bridesmaid dress for the party ,please feel free to contact us via e-mail or just contact us here.


Choosing Evening Wedding Dresses

What’s the most important thing in choosing an evening dresses?  Try to think, if you need to wear evening dresses, you must got an special occasion to go, so consider what kind of this occasion is and how much you want to dress up.

When choosing your evening dress,it is always depends on your body shape:

Apple Shape

If you are an apple shape, there is a bit more weight on your tummies.




So you should choose a classic dress which do not have too much detailing on it. Also,to got more ruching on it is really a good way to help you look better, it will disguise your tummy.


Strawberry Shape

If you’re a  strawberry shaped, you have a slightly broader shoulder.




You want to create volume on you hip.  A really perfect dress for strawberry shape is a broad shoulder which opens up your body with this nice v but also with a tulip bottom that really works to balance out on your shoulders. Another great style is something that gives your hip the feeling of being a little bit bigger which also balances out your shoulders.

When you’re trying to buy your evening dress, make sure that you do take consider what you’re going to accessorize it with. If you’re selecting something which is simple and black, try to add a little bit color into your look, or if you’re going for something that’s a bit of a blank canvas, try an accessory that is really big and statement, and make your dress pop. Just enjoy wearing your evening dresses.

Daffodil Chiffon Dresses For Beautiful Bridesmaid

As we all know ,the bridesmaid also play an important role in the wedding ceremony. According to the traditional custom, the bridesmaid often choose the ivory act as their dresses, but the ivory bridesmaid dresses will feeling dull, maybe not match the wedding ceremony atmosphere.




Generally, you should be choose bright color, especially bright yellow. There are many potential advantages, such as not only it will increasing the wedding happy atmosphere, but also entirely match with the white bridal gowns. Furthermore, can make the others find you from in the crowd.

In the wedding ceremony, the bridesmaid and groomsmen have, become a beautiful landscape. Bride should find the right dress for beautiful bridesmaid.


Such as a backless dress and you can catch a shawl, immediately look mature and elegant. For gaunt-type person, dress the upper body can be with a wavy or fold design, make the upper body plump.

While buxom type, the upper body can choose hoop shoulder and big v-neck style, will be able to make neck stretched, it makes face and body thin, can be relaxed, can make waist more slender.

The dresses color is as much important as gorgeous the gown is, but also can’t be too eye-catching. Style can be a little grand, but also can’t be too exposed. Excellent design is easy to leave a deep impression to the guests.



The bridesmaid dress had better low-key and dignified, otherwise it will grab the bride’s thunder, it makes the presence of elders unhappy. Select your bridesmaid dresses and give your bride leave deeply impression If you are feeling that fashion dress is your best choice .